Monday, March 08, 2010

Yesterday Barry and I went out cross country skiing. He came into the store on Sat. at closing and suggested that we rent some skis. The kids are in Edmonton with their Mom on spring break so we had the day to ourselves. It was great. Barry probably has not skied in 10 years so it was wonderful to get out.

We went and visited our friends Ian and Helen and saw the progress they are making on their Liberty 45. They have stripped their teak decks and are getting it ready to put a fiberglass deck down. They have made a lot of progress since we last had a look. They are going to be very comfortable on their lovely roomy boat. They told us there was an ice road going down the lake, so we headed out with our skis.
We stopped at the fish plant, a favourite sailing destination and skied around. They had Bombardier's outside the plant that they use for ice fishing. We skied over to the marker at the corner of Yellowknife Bay. We have never been that close before!!

It was a gorgeous day, bright and sunny, with temperatures close to zero Celcius. We ended up driving almost out to Moose Bay, I thought about skiing in but the ice had frozen very uneven in that spot and my heel had been rubbing in my ski boot so I decided to just look. It will be a long time until we see that again. We have less than 2 weeks to stay in Yellowknife.