Monday, March 29, 2010

Quinn, who is not quite 3, riding his bike!
We have been having a great time getting reacquainted with Quinn and June. June is just 10 months old and has been making strange, she seems to have gotten used to me but still has some reservations about Barry. Today he fed her some lunch and after some initial reluctance that was a downright refusal to open her mouth, she decided that if Grandpa held his mouth open perhaps she could as well. She has a beautiful smile and a mischievous personality is starting to assert itself.

Today we were had hoped to go skiing, but with the possibility of wet snow, rain and winds forecast up to 30 knots we decided we would head to Radium Hot Springs instead and soak out the kinks we have accumulated from driving over 3000 km. June seemed to love the water, not objecting to having her picture taken under water. Quinn was learning to navigate with his life jacket on and happily jumped in to chase a floating toy. The harder he splashed his hands the further the toy got away, but he would persevere and nab it. We hope to go skiing tomorrow, in the fresh snow that is visible on the mountain tops.