Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Due to popular demand, actually my brother asked for me to put this on, here is the video of Barry skiing. It was just 8 short months from walking with a cane to skiing with ease down the slopes, isn't modern medicine a miracle!!
Even more impressive is this video of Trish snowboarding, the fact that she is a wonder on the board is impressive enough, the really cool thing about it is that her Dad is following her down the slopes taking the video of her while he is skiing, proof that he is fully in control of himself and his hips!!
Not to be outdone, Quinn has his own skiing video. Trish strapped on my ski rentals at the end of the day and went up and down the bunny hill a few times with Quinn. It was great to be there at the beginning of his skiing career. That is Graeme in the picture at the beginning and Quinn was having great fun chasing him down the hill. I am sure many more fun filled days at the hill are in their future.
I would like to share a picture of Quinn and I outside the hot springs. It is a great shot of Quinn, we are looking at the pool at Radium and checking out the waterfall that was near the road. On the way back to the car there were a couple of back hoes, one quite small and a large one was parked across the highway. When we were gazing at the bigger one a big semi-trailor came lumbering up the road. Quinn waved and the driver honked his horn in acknowledgment; it made Quinn's day!!