Thursday, April 08, 2010

We are in Honolulu at the moment about to embark on the last stage of our journey back to Cat’s-Paw IV. Everything has gone smoothly, well let’s rephrase that, we haven’t missed any connections so all is good. They lost one of our bags between Victoria and San Francisco, how can they do that, all three bags went on together and then only two appeared in SF. Luckily they were the 2 very large hockey bags that showed up, but the third bag had all our guide book for the next 6 months, all nicely copied and collated. Hopefully it got put on the plane and may show up in Auckland. We have had long waits between flights.
Our buddies from our first year in Mexico, Pat and Carole from Espiritu met us in San Fran. What a treat to see them again. Carole was like the big sister I never had in Mexico, always looking out for us, we really enjoyed knowing them. We had laid a friendly wager about the outcome of the Canada/US Olympic Hockey game so Carole had to parade around the airport in the Canadian Hockey Jersey I purchased. We also gave them a Go Canada Go flag and requested that they take pictures at the hot spots around San Francisco to prove they were flying it. I expect a picture of their car with a tram car going by the “flag” at the very least. It was absolutely wonderful to have a 3 hour visit with them.
The leg from SF to Hawaii was uneventful except that we are unsure of where the bag might be. We had a seven hour layover here, so we hopped an airporter bus and did a little sight seeing. We went down to Waikiki Beach at Diamond Head and watched some surfing as I dipped my toes in the Pacific once again. We both broke out into a sweat as soon as we left the airport building. It is very humid here. We stopped downtown and gorged ourselves at an all you can eat Japanese buffet. They had great sushi, and the other forms of seafood were really good.. We are currently waiting to board the Air New Zealand flight that will whisk us off to Auckland. I hope to fall asleep and wake up when we land.
I had a few anxious moments in downtown Honolulu waiting for a city bus to take us to the airport, we are in cruiser mode already and would rather wait and take the bus, paying $2.25 each rather than pay a $50.00 taxi ride. We waited over h and hour but it eventually came and after much teeth gnashing on my part we pulled into the airport and stopped right along side the terminal we needed.
Barry has had to deal with one of the consequences of his new hip, the new improved pat down procedures, where they get up close and personal to make sure he really is the gentle kind soul he appears to be and not some crazed maniac with stuff strapped to his body that may blow up.

P.S. I have video proof that Barry was skiing at Panorama but the connection is really slow here so will not try to load it here. I promise to put it on later.
I've got some good pics, they will have to be later as well, really, really slow.