Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bruce has left the country after a wonderful visit. I think we all really enjoyed it. Before he left we managed to get him out fishing twice, so I think we made him really happy, unfortunately all he was able to catch was a weed, although he insists he had several bites. I could not convince Barry to take him out to the land of the big fish, outside the reef and it was probably just as well because the storm that went through caused a big swell and it would have been quite uncomfortable and Barry would have had a fit trying to get out the pass.
The day he left was a bit trying because we had reserved a berth in a marina and we had planned to get there about noon and then go into Nadi so we could have a look around. Well some Frenchman was in the spot we had reserved and would not leave so we had to anchor and then waited around thinking the guy might leave but he never did and we spent the night at anchor, not a problem except that some silly American anchored on top of us and when we went to haul anchor the next morning Barry had to fend off the boat so we would not hit it.
We got Bruce to the plane with plenty of time to spare, and I got a lovely book about coral reefs and the sea life you will encounter around them so I was happy. I went into Nadi yesterday and got parts for the sink and I think I have found some upholstery I like so we can see about getting the cushions recovered. It will be a big expense but the material is really reasonable and labour is cheap here AND, the upholstery is looking really old and buttons on it are all rusting and falling off and one of the zippers is gone so it is time.