Monday, July 05, 2010

We are back in Vuda Marina getting ready for Barry's brother Bruce's visit. Bruce arrives on Wednesday and will be here for a week. We spent last night in Musket Cove and enjoyed the Fourth of July celebrations with the Americans. They had arranged to have some fireworks so Barry was out on the beach lighting off the fireworks, I had some sparklers which I have not had for years. People were running around dressed in red white and blue, it was rather fun, the resort cooked up a mess of hot dogs and hamburgers and Barry had one of each and then after polishing off his coleslaw and apple pie he went back for another hot dog. I don't know where he puts it.
The only unexpected excitement of the night was when someone fired off a flare and it did not go up, instead it burned on the dock. It could have been a nightmare because all the dinghies were tied up and it burned for quite a while and could have easily burned a hole in one of the dinghies. It was put out by a sober gentleman with a water hose.