Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I am so confused!! For many of you that know me well, you will remember that I have a difficult time with left and right, difficult may be putting it mildly. I just can't seem to get it straight in my brain. For example when we were diving on the Coolidge, Barry asked me to check if his air tank was wide open and I twisted it a few times to make sure it was open. Well, we almost lost Barry, I had twisted it partially shut and he had a very hard time breathing when he went under water. He rather looked like a fish as he gasped for more air! Honestly, I did not do it on purpose, he even admitted last night he had some trepidation about me doing it but did not remind me righty, tighty, lefty losey.
So, we had been in New Zealand, Fiji, and Vanuatu for almost 6 month, they all drive on the opposite side from North America, I am truly not sure if it is on the right or left, but then we get to New Caledonia. They are French, they drive on the same side as we normal Canadians. All is good.
NOW, we are in Aus, and they drive on the wrong side, I am so confused, I do not know which side of the road to look for cars coming. I don't know which side of the sidewalk to walk on and in the supermarket I am constantly causing traffic jams in the aisles. Does anyone out there have a solution to my problem? Am I alone or is there a syndrome that I can identify with and a self help group that I can attend. I believe that I have even passed on this affliction to one of my daughters. I think she may have managed to partially overcome it but you would have to ask her partner for sure. What is a person to do.