Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We have been busy fixing up the boat, I have got 5 coats of varnish on the teak but need more, I don't think I will shoot for the 9 I did in NZ, but a few more are needed, the UV is so hard on things. Other than that we have been doing little else, it seems. We went to visit the botanical gardens and have been walking back and forth to an industrial area to find (what else) boat parts. We are planning to leave either on Thursday or Saturday for points south, the weather is probably the best on Friday but sailors never leave a port on a Friday.
I went for a walk yesterday because I have been looking across the harbour at the hill opposite for almost a month and have not gotten around to walking over there. I had a lovely walk, I splashed my feet in the water as I strolled along the beach. There was a class of school kids doing various activities, some were surfing, some swimming, some playing games, some making designs in the sand, some just walking. I couldn't see any how the teacher was controlling them or even aware if someone was missing but hopefully they counted when they left school and when they went back, it all looked like terrific fun.
There were a couple of older gents fishing in the surf. They had big long poles and I went up to one to ask about how he was doing and got a poor reception so I did not bother the second guy. They had (dare I say man purses!) made out of canvas with their gear in, hanging off their hips and were standing in the surf in their shorts, fishing away; Australians seems to be fishing mad, they fish off the pier, off the breakwater, off the boardwalk, off rocky promontories, off big boat, off little boats, in rivers, streams, oceans and I imagine in lakes and ponds but I haven't seen that, but I digress. There was a older woman (over 75) walking along the beach in a turquoise hat and matching jacket, she looked so nice I gave her a complement.
When I got to the end of the beach I clamored the bank and walked along the other side of the harbour that ended in a huge breakwater. I was intrigued with a flock of gulls that was looked like they were attending a convention that was taking place in the parking lot beside the boat launch, there was no food in sight, they were all standing facing into the wind almost in rows, why??? At one time there was a railroad on the breakwater , the only part that was left were the cross members.
I hiked up the hill and enjoyed watching the surfers on the next beach over. This part of the coast consists of endless beautiful sandy beaches. We are looking forward to seeing more of it.