Saturday, December 04, 2010

This is the very spiffy Serviceman's Club that is Laurieton. It is the equivalent to the Canadian Legion and I have never seen a Legion like this! This club has it all, a sports bar, a card room, a huge gambling room with machines, a betting shop with TV's that featured dog racing and buggy racing as well as a good soccer game (do they bet on that too?), 2 eating areas, a private dining room for weddings or conventions and best of all showers for visiting cruisers! We just had to pay a deposit on a key and we have the run of the place.
We took a walk around town yesterday and saw some sights and bought a new water jug. I stepped on an old one and it was leaking, our water maker is not making very good water at the moment so we are jugging water in when necessary. This is an old church beside the museum (below). It was not open but it had stained glass windows and I loved the hanging church bell. From the notices on the door it was still being used as a practice spot for local orchestral bands. We wanted to get in the museum but it was not open on Sat. so we may not get a chance to peruse it. We were going to stay quite a few days but the wind is going to pick up and we are a bit worried about getting out the bar, we may go tomorrow morning, we shall see, maybe we should talk to some locals and get their take on what wind conditions are necessary for crossing the bar.
There are lots of pelicans around here, they are such graceful birds. They just hang about the dinghy dock and one of them actually waddled over to a picnic table, it looked like he was begging!! I have never seen that before from pelicans, there is a fish cleaning area where the water tap is and when I took this picture they were all hanging out around it. I thought they might have been wanting fresh water, but had forgotten that is where people clean their fish!!