Thursday, December 02, 2010

We are underway from Coffs Harbour to Camden Haven, about 85 miles south. It should take about 17 hours at 5 knots so not enough day light to get through the bar and anchor in one day, so we did a overnighter. We left at 1800 and we only have a half rolled up genoa out. There is a terrific southerly current running so it carries us along at about 2 knots, so we really only need to sail at 3 knots but the tide does not turn until 20 hours after we left and we should wait at least 2 hours after the tide changes before attempting the bar because there is a lot of water in the rivers and it takes awhile for tidal change to take effect. So much to think about, I could not convince Barry to leave later so we are going very very slowly!!! We have seen about 5 freighters but we seem to be closer to the coast than they run so I have not been freaked out. It is dull and overcast, we have about 10 knots of true wind and 8 knots of actual wind (our fancy wireless windspeed finally seems to be working). We should be in Camden Haven about 1300 hours and we shouldn't cross the bar until about 1600.