Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The much improved foot
Welcome Ceremonies In East Belitung
Just to let you know we are alive and well.  We are in Belitung, Barry is on the mend. We are nearing the end of our time in Indonesia and the big wind up is tomorrow night with the dinner with the President of Indonesia.  There has been a blizzard of activities today, the most fun being yesterday, Canadian Thanksgiving.  I organized a get together to celebrate, Cop Out our buddies from Calgary graciously agreed to host the event because they have a 42 foot catamaran.  We had it at lunch time and I cooked 2 pumpkin pies, everyone brought a special dish to share and we had a blast.  The best part was we had to organize a presentation to the regent or head of the area and all the other cruisers.  Well, there were 3 French Canadian boats and 4 English Canadian boats and what a time we had coming up with a Canadian tune that would please everyone.  I wanted to do a skit about a hockey game with the Canadiens playing the Flames but I was voted down.  We ended up singing a couple of verses of  C A N A D A  by Stompin Tom and Wherever You Are by Celine Dionne otherwise known as the Titanic Song, it satisfied both groups.  We practiced until I was almost hoarse but once we got up on the big stage we muffed Stompin Tom but did a credible and heartfelt rendition of Celine's big hit, which the Indonesians know and love. 
The internet coverage has been REALLY BAD, but it has suddenly improved tonight.  More later.