Wednesday, October 05, 2011

We are on our way north and will not be near an internet connection for a few days so we will not be able to answer any questions you have about Barry's condition for a few days.  He seems to be healing very well but I had a few concerns so we just called up our Doctor Daughter and fired away.  It seems like the care I have been giving his wound is acceptable but she gave us a few hints to perhaps make the healing progress faster, whew! Barry is able to do his watches and is now putting weight on his ankle and seems to be getting around much better.  He has 3 stitches to pull together the hole they made to drain all that ugly pus.  They will have to come out soon!!
Tonight it felt like we were Kevin Costner in one of our favourite movies, WaterWorld.  We were dodging oil tankers and oil platforms all night.  "Tankers to the left of us, tankers to the right of us, here I am stuck in the middle with you." One in particular reminded me of the Exxon Valdez as portrayed in WaterWorld, it was moving very slowly and at one point we will both swear it did a 360. I tell you very unusual behaviour for a tanker.  They usually go in a really straight line at about 15 knots and you just have to get out of their way.  It was so confusing, he seemed to becoming towards us, yup, the radar confirmed that, so we tried to duck behind him and then he turned a 360.  I finally got on the radio and told him we were a sailing vessel asked him to tell us what he was doing and where he was headed, NOTHING!  He just kept getting closer and closer until he was less than a ΕΊ mile away so we just rolled in the sail, turned on the motor and motored 2 miles in the opposite direction to get away from him.

Did I mention that I was doing ALL the chores on the boat while Barry was in hospital?  It really made me realize how much he does and how much I missed his company.  I got my fill of putting diesel in the tank, mixing gas for the outboard, taking the garbage in on a regular basis, changing the oil, changing a lower shroud that needed replacing,  hoisting the dinghy out of the water every night and worst of all, doing all the dishes!  Barry's Mom must have done a great job because Barry never complains about doing the dishes so as a consequence he does most of them. I am so glad he is getting better and it is great to have him back on board.