Friday, November 04, 2011

Cat's-Paw IV after passing under the bridge from Malaysia to Singapore
We are safe and sound in Port Dickson, Malaysia; about 200 nm up the Malacca Straits from Singapore.  We have spent the last three days motoring into the wind and the current to get here.  I thought we were not supposed to sail to weather, sailors do not appreciate having to run the motor constantly.  We have joined the Sail Malaysia Rally  and there is a trip to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, so we had to get here in time. We  have to get our passports renewed so will overnight in KL and hopefully be able to get all the paperwork done in one day.  One of our fellow sailors tried to sail up the strait yesterday and basically ended up going back and forth without making much progress.  Our motor faithfully chugged away day after day and Barry's timely maintenance has paid off in spades with its good behaviour.  
We are at a marina, this one has a pool, toilets and showers as well as a garbage can on the dock at the end of the boat so we are both happy campers.  We wake up in the morning and as soon as we move around we start sweating, we are told the humidity abates a little further north so we are looking forward to that.  I will post more pictures once we return from KL.