Monday, November 07, 2011

We have had our first real Asian experience.  When we came back from Kuala Lumpur yesterday we took a train and then a bus. We could not believe the shoving that took place to get on the train. Once the train doors opened everyone just shoved.  It was quite scary, the people getting on wouldn't clear a path for the people exiting and they had to elbow their way out, then it was everyone for them self. There was a man holding a three year old boy in front of me and he had a bag. The bag was caught on the ground behind him and he was stuck, he couldn't go forward because the bag was holding him back and he couldn't back up because the crowd was relentlessly forcing their way forward.  I pushed with the best of them, my former basketball training coming to the fore.  One lady fell and I was thinking she might be trampled, unbelievable.  Once we were in the train car, no one would move to the middle of the car, everyone was  squashed by the doors.  I tried to move in because there was more room and was blocked by a huge suitcase which was guarded by a small young woman.  When we finally got off after a half and hour of standing sandwiched together and then a half an hour of sitting once we stopped at a trunk line and a whack of people got off we got on a bus.  The same procedure happened.  This time we were ready for them, a young adult about 8 or 9 tried to get his foot in front of me to force his way forward, he was right at elbow level, I spread them slightly and leaned his way and there was no way on earth this kid was getting past me.  Barry said that he squeezed him out as well. Once I was in the doorway to the bus I put my arm out to the door so no one could go past and let the fellow in front of me step up before I crowded him.  This journey definitely was not for the faint of heart or the elderly, and I thought Singapore was bad.!!! More about KL later, we accomplished our mission there and did the paperwork for our new passports.