Monday, December 26, 2011

A Martin/Lange Christmas 2011
Check out the horse for June, I think Santa has arrived!

Quinn figuring out Santa left him stuff in his stocking. 
June at 2 1/2 took a long time  to come down the hall on Christmas morning, can you figure out why?
It's a Lego Christmas.

Graeme with his favourite present, a new torch and check out the hat that Thrifty Santa brought him!

Trish, Jackie (Graeme's mom) and me examining the make-up kit her father gave her.  It was almost an exact replica of the one he gave her 20 years ago!

Grannie Annie painting June's fingernails, she was so good sitting still to have it done.
Quinn observing the world in his own unique style!

Graeme and his brother David cleaning the prawns!
The carnage of the gingerbread house, Graeme figures it was acid rain!
Grandpa Barry doing "his thing" in the kitchen!

June doing her disco imitation.
The beach is definitely part of an Australian Christmas.