Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The front of the house, Quinn's bike and a ride em car from the dump store, partially visible in the foreground. 
Trees around the yard, it is hard to tell but this one is in bloom with lovely lilac flowers

Red hibiscus along the house and a lovely pine in the far background.
The Land Cruiser, we all fit in it, plus groceries and kites and boards. 

The Land Rover, the current project, soon to become the work  vehicle/camping  truck. 

The El Camino, the family took it for a spin the other night to pick up scrap lumber from a building site. 
Mint,  basil, tomatoes and beans in the background against the fence
There was one ripe one the other day, I can't wait to taste more. 

An existing well that Trish has added a pump to, she could raise baramundi in it, they are delicious.  
The koi that currently reside, they have had babies since Trish got here, the kids love feeding  all the fish.

Trish has become a very avid gardener, I am constantly amazed at how much she has learned.  We gave her a subscription to the gardening magazine of her choice in the store.  She built the container using scrap metal she had rescued at the local dump store and then hauled soil in and filled and planted the raised bed.  The running vines are rock melon and in the bed there are tomatoes, herbs and marigolds. 
Fruit of the vine, rock melon, otherwise known as cantaloupe.