Tuesday, April 03, 2012

One of the things about Sri Lanka that really piqued my interest was the number of men on bicycles.  I don't mean lovely new bicycles, the cycles are old, mainly one speed with the old fashioned kind of brakes

The men ride them in their traditional dress a long piece of cloth wrapped around them.  Mostly the cloth almost reaches the ground but sometimes they tie it up just above the knee.

Sometime the cyclist has a pair of flip flops on, but sometimes the feet are just bare.  I truly enjoyed watching the mostly old men of Sri Lanka pedal around the city

They basically would go anywhere and the traffic would just flow around them.  It was refreshing to see people out getting exercise and using their bicycles as a legitimate mode of transportation.   We saw one fellow out in the country with a 20 gallon barrel tied to the back of his bike, I wish the camera had been handy.