Friday, April 06, 2012

We have had a good first day, it would be a great day but the wind is directly on our nose, so although we are sailing along at a very respectable 4 knots we are going 50 degrees off course, which can be very disheartening. We went southwest first in the direction we wanted kind off, but a new program we have on the computer where we can plot a virtual voyage that inputs the average current and winds says we should be heading west first to take advantage of the current in this area has led us to tack. At the moment we are heading about 340 degrees which is almost back to Sri Lanka and our progress on the chart looks terrible. We are still 20 miles east of our rhumb line so we will continue to head NNW most of the day until we cross the line and then we will tack southwest again. I slept part of the morning away and feel very groggy at the moment. Time to do some embroidery on the tiger!