Friday, May 18, 2012

We are enjoying our time here in Rodrigues. ( I am having internet issues so I am depending on my faithful brother to post this for me.) We anchored outside the main harbour when we arrived last Saturday evening. We went through the pass with the last of the fading daylight and dropped the anchor in the dark.

The next morning after we had negotiated the pass to the protected inner harbour we tied up at the big concrete jetty for the officials to check us into the country. One of our fellow cruisers showed up with a baguette for us and it was still warm, absolutely delicious.

I have a long list of boat chores for us to do but we have still managed to do some exploring. The other day we bought a map of hikes around the island and set off with Brian and Dorothy from Tagish. I thing we found the beginning of the path but must have lost it along the way.
We meandered back and forth across a small dry creek and then clamoured up the hill side. Dorothy found a ripe guava on the ground and we munched away enjoying the beautiful countryside. We kind of ended up where we thought we should be. We took the road back down stopping along the way for a snack of brie on baguettes. I don't think it gets much better than that.

Hopefully I will get my internet access sorted out and I can put more pictures on the blog.