Sunday, May 06, 2012

We are on our way to the island of Rodriquez.  There was a good weather window and our buddies on Tagish we leaving and we decided to join them.  We were going to be fairly short on food for the journey so we decided to leave while we still had some goodies to enjoy on the trip.  We are having a good sail so far, we made over 100 nm yesterday and will do so again today.  There have been a few big wide squall giving us 20-25 knot winds for a couple of hours but we have managed to get the sails reefed before they hit and they have been no problems.  It is a 1000 mile journey to Rodriquez so in theory is should take us about 10 days, hopefully we will manage to make a little better time than that.  I am looking forward to the fresh fruit and vegetables when we get there and to eating someone else's cooking.