Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have recently added 3 new boat blogs to our list of friends to follow.  Tagish, a Canadian boat, with Brian and Dorothy were with us in Sri Lanka, Chagos and Rodrigues.  They have just recently sailed to Mauritius.  Sal Darago with Kathy and Jeremy are a British boat. They sailed from Thailand down the west coast of Sumatra to Cocos Keeling and then here.  Harmonie are ahead of us.  They were in Sri Lanka and Chagos with us then sailed directly to Mauritius. They have completed their Indian Ocean journey and are in South Africa. Reading their blog gave us an idea of the trials we have to look forward to crossing the Alguhas current that runs down the east coast of South Africa.  It is always interesting to read how others are doing and their take on the same experiences we are having.