Monday, December 17, 2012

In Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background

Brian, Dorothy, Barry and I came up with this version of the 12 days of Christmas when we were travelling by car from Krueger National Park back to Richard's Bay.  It was great fun,  Barry originally did not want to participate but listened quite closely, we were having trouble with the African version of "a partridge in a pear tree" when he came up with the baboon being in the baobab tree and we all thought that was perfect.  So enjoy our African version....

On the twelfth  day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

12 roaring lions
11 happy hippos
10 red billed hornbills
9 bellowing buffaloes
8 rollicking rhinos
7 laughing hyenas
6 zany zebras
5 trumpeting elephants
4 galloping giraffes
3 wallowing warthogs
2 lounging leopards
And a baboon in a baobab tree.