Monday, December 03, 2012

Small gauge railroad we found on the way out of the harbour

For our grandson Quinn

Well we are safe and sound in Port Elizabeth.  Barry is now talking to me.  We were very happy to arrive after bashing into the wind and waves.  We are tied up to the dock.  We went out visiting last night.  As soon as I got on the dock I noticed I was unstable, I was doing the sailors lurch down the dock, my body still thinking I was at sea.  We had a couple glasses of wine on a buddy's boat and then were invited for dinner.  I was cool so went back to change clothes, as I stepped off the boat the dock finger tilted and my natural balance deserted me and in I went, scaploosh.  Fortunately I didn't bash anything and there was a dock line there so I did a push up on the line and was back on the dock in a flash looking and feeling like a drown rat. The last time I fell in like that was in Yellowknife on the occasion of my fortieth birthday and I have a scar on my cheek to remind of that fall.
You just never know what you may find, these are in a taxidermy shop
We are off to find the sunbrella factory that is here, there may be a weather window to go across the bottom of Africa tomorrow.
No sunbrella here that is the right colour, we are currently sailing towards Knysna.