Sunday, October 13, 2013


Barry re-riveting the mast track.  

We experienced a 6.4 earthquake the other night.  Not something that I ever want to do on the hard again.  It was at night and I was watching a movie, the whole boat started shaking. I thought the wind must have.really come up and I looked outside.  Nope, it was calm and the boat was still shaking.  I was really afraid that the boat would fall over, thank heavens the stands were sturdy and although the boat really shook it stayed where it should.  Whew!!!
We are still very busy fixing up the boat.  We had a survey done and it was recommended that we pull our chain plates.  Those are the things that attach the shrouds (wires that hold us the mast) to the boat.  They are long skinny stainless steel plates which  go through the deck and are bolted on below. They have been leaking and one section of the deck was all wet and punky so we had to have that ground out and re-epoxied. Then one of the cupboards, the board at the bottom is rotten because of the leaking water so Barry ripped up board.  I am hoping to get a carpenter to replace it, Barry wants to put a piece of painted plywood in there, that was kind of okay when you couldn't see it but now he is talking about pulling more out and it would be different than the rest to the boat, so I am going to see if we can't get proper wood.  Anyway the inside of the boat is a mess, the stuff from the cupboards is piled up on the settees and the table, a real mess.  
I have almost finished polishing the boat, just one more section of the cockpit and the whole boat will be shiny.  I have 7 coats of varnish on the dinghy oars, now time to do the handrail on top of the cabin top and then polish the stainless and the top sides will look almost as good as the hull.  The bottom paint, new batteries, the radar, three new windows and Barry's new AIS are due to come in on Tues. so we will have more work then.  We have only pulled 2 chain plates and we have 6 more to go, fun, fun, fun!!!