Thursday, April 17, 2014

SWe are now in the U. S. Virgin Islands.  We kind of zoomed through St. Martin and then the BVI's.  The BVI's seemed set up for the rich person chartering a boat.  There were fancy boutiques and rum bars on the islands, as well as snazzy restaurants.  Where were the grocery stores and the laundries??  Most places we had to pick us mooring balls and it cost us thirty dollars a night just to tie up.  They wanted extra to pick up your garbage, there was no place on shore to leve it, definitely not set up for cruisers.  
There wer lots of lovely anchorages though and we stopped at one island that supposedly was the one the Robert Louis Stevenson used as a model for Treasure Island.  We went snorkelling at Treasure Point and swam into some caves that you could definitely think that pirates has used in the past. We also took a dive on the mail ship the HMS Rhone, that sunk in a hurricane in 1867.  It was still quite well preserved and was very cool to swim around in and under.  
We are planning on leaving the USVI in a few days, not sure if we will stop in Puerto Rico or just sail straight to the Bahamas. If we go to Puerto Rico we will be able to get a decal for sailing in the US and it will make our entry into the country easier once we get there.  All our pictures are on our new camera and I can't download them on the iPad so I will have to figure something out, for now only text (: