Thursday, May 01, 2014

Fish Ahoy

Barry caught a fish the other day.  This was a big occasion, I am pretty sure he hasn't caught one since we crossed the Indian Ocean.  His record while crossing the South Atlantic was fish 5, Barry nothing.  I think it kind of discouraged him, but he decided to purchase some new hooks the other day.  He got a neon green squid that cost him $12.00, boy did it ever work like a charm.  He pulled in the approx 6 pound tunny, a member of the mackerel family on Easter Sunday as we were sailing from a small island east of Puerto Rico into San Jaun.  We enjoyed a wonderful Easter supper with fresh fish steaks cooked superbly by the fisherman.  Since that day we have had a great fish stew and a delicious fish stir fry.  Once we left San Juan Barry figured he would try again.  The neon green did it's thing and we had another fish on the line, unfortunately the gear failed, a connecting swivel was demolished and the beautiful hook was no more.  Barry figures he had hooked a monster and it is now swimming about with a decorative lip ring, the envy of the school.  He has tried out his smaller less expensive bright pink lure but so far no takers.  If anyone is keeping track the hook gave us 7 dinners in total, at a price of  $1.71 per portion of fish. Not bad, not bad at all, there may be another neon green hook In our future.
Did you notice how the green stripe on the fish is colour co-ordinate with Barry's shirt???