Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Canada Day 2014

Happy Canada Day everyone.  We managed to make it to Sydney NS to be with our daughter and our two grandsons for July 1, which was our goal when we left Trinidad last Nov.  it was great to celebrate our National holiday with a whole bunch of other Canadians. We are heading off to the parade in this picture, Jen decorated the house, Barry cut the lawn, I got out my red hat and we were off. 
It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, the policeman leading the parade stopped and had a chat with  William and Leeland and then did a very cool fist bump. 
The fireman in the parade were super, walking a long way in the heat of the day. We were right near the end of their route and they still had the energy to smile and have fun shooting water at the kids and the adults.  After the parade we went across the street to the park where they held the local activities. There was a band that was singing Stan Rogers songs, free balloons twisted into shapes at your request, lots of activities for the kids, snow cones 
 and classic cars, who could ask for anything more!
We all our thoroughly enjoying Jennifer and Mark's pool, except Barry who refuses to go in any water that is cooler than Caribbean temp. We have been to two of William's baseball practises and tomorrow will get to experience a gaggle of five year old boys chasing around after a ball when we attend Leeland first soccer practise for the season. Jennifer informs me that not only do the five year old boys run around but there often reluctant parents are required to participate as well. William has a soccer practise at the same time and I now know whose soccer practise I am going to go to!!!