Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Goings on in Sydney NS

Barry and I have been having lots of fun! Jennifer is a very enthusiastic gardener and during her week off, intermixed with activities with William and Leeland, we worked the soil.  The weather co-operated beautifully and we embarked on a few projects.  The first involved adding to the already impressive flower beds she has established around their property.  Then she was determined to transform an interior courtyard at her office.  There were cement patio squares put down in the middle but the rest of the area was all weeds and Jen intensely disliked it.  

We started the project by roto tilling the area, Barry handled that aspect, Jennifer and I edged around the squares and against the wall.  Then we headed to Home Depot and bought some treated lumber, spikes, landscaping material, red cedar mulch, a few bushes and we were off to the races.  Jen got us started, sawing the lumber, drilling holes and then driving spikes through into the ground.  Barry and I raked and levelled the soil and started cutting the landscaping material. Jen had to dash off somewhere so we continued on.  By the time she returned we had done it all and had managed to put the few bushes into the ground.  What a difference, the space looked so welcoming.  
Jen had the morning off today, so after splitting a few of her own plants that were getting large (hostas and bleeding hearts) we headed off to buy more plants and bushes.  Jen choose day lillies, peonies, irises, spirea, a hydrangea, cinquefoil, hens and chickens and a few others whose names I have forgotten.  She had a budget and I was assigned the task of keeping track of expenses.  I even included mileage for the three extra trips we made out to her office, it is a 30 minute drive from her home.  She now has about $40.00 left, so slightly under budget, must not be a government job!!
She and I went crazy getting these plants in the ground.  I let her do the hard jobs, digging the holes and transfering the dirt around while I kept the water bucket full and assisted packing the dirt around the plants and replacing the mulch.  We completed three quarters of the job and then she had to go and transform herself into Dr. Lange and see patients, while I got to finish off the smaller plants and soothe my soul by digging my hands into the soil.  It was so satisfying to finish up and pack things away, the icing on the cake was my daughter telling me how much fun it was doing this with me.  
The bottom picture will have more hostas, one of Jen's patients has split some of his and he told her she was welcome to them.  
We have been to the beach twice. One day Barry and I and the kids hung out on a beach near where Jen works. William and Leeland befriended some kids and had great fun getting buried in the sand. There was also a dog on the beach that chased and caught rocks.  He didn't belong to anyone we could tell, he didn't want to be patted but he played for close to an hour with the kids.