Sunday, June 28, 2015

Isles de Madeleine

We took a long walk down the beach yesterday (close to seven nautical miles) it was a lovely day and I didn't have to put my hoodie on, yeah! In the first picture you can see the dinghy with the boat anchored in the background.  We went ashore at low tide and had to row the last 10 meters to shore, it was so shallow.  
We found this stump on the shore, since the islands have been denuded of trees for the most part we speculated where the stump was from, I figured Nfld but Barry thinks from somewhere on the St. Lawrence River. We hope to take the bus tomorrow to see more of the island and then head over to PEI on Tuesday, a westerly is supposed to blow.   They are predicting gale force gusts off the 
Cape Breton highlands again tomorrow so we will stay put!
I said to Barry the other day that I never thought we would be sailing around the Gulf of St. Lawrence, they had a sign up the other day that said Jacques Cartier, so we are definitely following in some famous footsteps, Jacques, John Cabot, Captain Cook and that is only the C's!!!