Saturday, July 04, 2015

That is me being outstanding in a field of PEI potatoes on Canada Day 2015. We landed in PEI at sundown on June 30 so here we are trying to find a place to meet up with some old friends from Yellowknife, Janet and Kieth Sanderes.  This was not the lace to do it.  We got back in the dinghy and went another 500m. down the shoreline and found a spot that had a road down to the shore.  We went exploring and discovered and old church that was a very good landmark where we arranged t meet the next day.  There was also a museum close by and we learned the history d Malpeque Bay which is famous for it's oysters.  
We had a great visit with our buddies the next day, saw there big 7 bedroom house, had a lovely lunch at a local pub.  We manage to fit in some laundry and some grocery shopping.  On our way back to the boat the dinghy motor, which has refused to get better despite Mark working very hard on her, decided to quit.  It was very windy and we were about a mile and a half from the boat and there was no way we would be able to row there.  Luckily with great fore site Barry had put a spare spark plug in his backpack so while I threw out the dinghy anchor to save the hard earned distance we had already made Barry changed the spark plug.  Bless her the motor started first pull and we putted slowly to th boat,  whew!!  We will remember the hand held radio the next time we have to go any distance.  We have both agreed that our car is going to turn into a new motor.  We plan to sell said car in the middle of July, I think a reliable dinghy motor is essential !
Guess what landed in our cockpit??  When we were sailing out of Malpeque Bay a fishing boat passed fairly close by going full speed, rocking the boat quite a bit.  I didn't mind they are working folks, if it had been a pleasure boater I would have been up in arms.  Anyway, another boat up pulls up beside us and apologizes, saying those guys aren't from this harbour and they were really rude.  We thank him for saying so and he asks if we would like a lobster?  Well I tell you, you would never catch Barry or I turning them down, so he threw two f them into the cockpit.  Were they ever good, we have them with a glass of white wine for lunch as we sailed down the north Shore of PEI.  We are now in a harbour called Georgetown on the Southeast shore, it is nice and warm, almost hot and we just finished an ice cream, life is good.  We will spend another day or two on the island then head back over to Cape Breton and go through the Canso Causeway, making our way int the Bra D'Or Lakes.