Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sydney to Halifax

We left Sydney with the promise of a NW wind of 30 knots in the forecast.  It came through like gangbusters and we rode that wind until it changed to the usual Southwesterly. In all we sailed 141 mm in 24 hours, almost a 6 knot average so we were just humming along.  Once the wind changed we picked a nearby anchorage and in we went.  We then had the luxury to dawdle along picking out lovely secluded anchorages as we slowly made our way towards Halifax. Today once again they promised a north wind so we left ourselves almost 50 miles to go downwind to arrive in time to meet up with Barry's sister Kim. They are arriving tomorrow on a much larger ship!!  We are within 10nm of marina we plan to stay at so all is good. 
The weather has been kind with sunny warm days and foggy evenings.  Our radar has been coming in very handy along this coast. We have not been ashore since we left Sydney, I was feeling a bit boat bound last night and I was going to go exploring in the dinghy but the fog rolled in and you could only see 100m. so there was really no point.  I have my list for the chanderly in Halifax ready and the to do list is shrinking daily!! 
We met Barry's sister Kim and her husband Brent today, they are on a cruise from Quebec City to Boston.  We had a lovely day, wandering along the waterfront and then strolling up the hill to the citadel to hear the noon gun. After a leisurely lunch we walked back towards the cruise ship, it was great to catch up with them again. 

We are using the "Cruising Guide to the Nova Scotia Coast" published by Alexander Weld, printed by Pilot Press in Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Ports or Anchorages

Gegogan  45*03.1' N X 61*57' W
Anchored in 5m off the NE shore of Rae Island
Very good holding in mud, good protection from all directions
No services

Ecum Secum Inlet  44* 57.4'N X 62*09.4' W
Anchored in 7m behind Hardwood Island.
Very good holding in mud, good protection from all directions
We did not go ashore, cell ph. service 

Sheet Harbour Passage  44* 51.2'N X 62*26.9' W
Anchored in 4m in behind Factory Point on Sober Island 
Very good holding in mud, good protection from all directions 
We did not go ashore, cell ph. service. 

Borgles Island   44* 57.4'N X 62*09.4' W
Anchored in 9m, limited swing room but adequate so judge carefully where you drop the hook. 
Very good holding in mud, good protection from all directions 
We anchored in Deep Cove, checked out anchorage on south side but too much swell in SW wind 
We wanted to go ashore but fog rolled in, cell phone service, no other services.