Wednesday, September 02, 2015

St. John's

We are tied up to a floating dock right in downtown St. John's. When we came in there was an Australian boat tied up to the dock and as soon as our boat was secured we were swapping stories. They left Australia in 2003 and have been in many of the same places as we have and we have mutual friends.  What a pleasure it was to connect with them. 
We have been enjoying St. John's, wandering around looking in shop windows, I got a little retail therapy and bought gifts for new grand nieces and nephews and sent off a present to Australia.  I hope it gets there before Christmas because I sent it surface mail, I figure whenever it gets there the kids will be happy. The style of architecture here is unique and quite enjoyable. 

There is lots of history in St. John's and the city has done a great job with a number of historic walks in the downtown area.  At each stop there is an excellent map of where you are on the walk and a description of the relevant landmark.  We are located at Queen's Wharf just down from a war memorial, there is a picture of when it was unveiled back in the 1920's and the huge crowd that attended that event.  Right next to us is where the big ships that service the oil rigs dock.  We were a bit worried when we arrived that their comings and goings would batter the boat against the dock with their prop wash, but it has not happened, they are always facings us!
We went up to the Geo Centre yesterday, it is an excellent facility. Newfoundland has some very interesting geology and they have great displays, movies and interactive exhibits for children to do.  Included was a display on the Titanic and I got the inside dope on how and why messages from other boats telling of the icebergs where ignored, shocking!! 
We will be here for a total of 4 1/2 days, we are waiting for a predicted 30 knot northerly to blow itself out.  Barry originally wanted to move on before it arrived but I was more than happy to wait here where there are a huge variety of things to do. We are planning on taking in some local theatre tonight!!
Newfoundlanders seems to have a wonderful quirky sense of humour. 
I think the Sisters of Mercy would be turning over in their graves. 
Oh something I keep forgetting to tell you.  I saw some puffins, after icebergs that is the next thing I wanted to see here.  They are tiny birds which always seem to turn away from the boat all the time so they are really hard to get a good picture of. Then they either dive or use their wings to flap wildly away, almost taking off but not quite, just putting distance between them and the boat. The other thing we saw was a bunch of biggish fish leaping in and out of the water.  We think they were either tuna or mackerel by the shape of their bodies and tails.  We were sailing along in very light winds and I heard this perculiar noise and as I turned I saw them leaping about a meter into the air. It was awesome. 

We are using " The Cruising Guide of Nfld." published by Members of the Cruising Club of America and so it has been very helpful.
Ports or Anchorages
St. John's  If you don't where it is just look it up on any map!!
Tied up to a floating dock at Queen's Wharf, lots of gawkers, 2 tried to get on boat for pics. 
There is no water, electricity, showers or laundry.
Great access to the downtown area. Laundry 5 min walk. Bus stop 2 min. Good website for buses.
Showers at Max fitness centre on #3 bus, a little further on there is a Sobie's a large grocery store. 
Price, minimum one week stay $42
Possible to tie up at pier 6 & 7, noisy & busy, closer to George St.