Thursday, November 05, 2015

Atlantic City to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal


            The early morning sun glinting off of the casinos in Atlantic City

We spent two night in Atlantic City, late in the day we arrived we took the "Jitney" (or small bus that runs between the casinos) to the Boardwalk and strolled along it, taking in the fantastically shaped buildings and the over the top interior designs of the strip. We stopped in the Trump Taj Mahal and tried our luck.  Barry hit it lucky on a slot machine and we walked out with $30 profit and went and had supper on Donald. The dinner in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville was average but the Margarita was magnificent! The next day we spent the day doing boat chores. We met a young couple from Maine who were stuck on the dock awaiting a new transmission so had them over for supper.  They have a 30 foot boat that they live on so rather than shiver through another winter in Maine they are heading to Miami where he has a job teaching yoga lined up. She works as a cook on tall ships and they were very interesting to talk to. 
We went to a show in one of the casinos that night.  It was Monday night and we noticed a real difference in the numbers of gamblers that were out and about. It was a one man show and although it was a Christmas theme, (a little early for me) he did a great job.  He had a good voice, knew how to tell a joke and played a very good drum solo.  He was up there all alone for an hour and at the end he had people dancing in the aisles as he rocked out a Christmas tune.  If it had been a weekend there would have been a lot more choice of entertainment.
Yesterday we motored the 35nm from Atlantic City to Cape May and anchored there. We are currently making our way up the Delaware Bay to once again go through the canal to the top of the Chesapeake. There is very settled weather with no wind, for the next few days and rather than motor all the way down the Atlantic to the entrance by Norfolk, we decided to see some sights on our way. We didn't get a chance to visit Baltimore on our way through this area last year so hopefully we can stop there in a day or town.  We are also thinking of taking a train or bus from Baltmore to Philadelphia to see some sites there. 
We are now below 40 degrees North and it has warmed up, yahoo! We had a shower in the cockpit today about 1300 hours and although there were goosebumps, we did not freeze. The leaves are still on the trees here so my plan of following the leaves south as they turned is working. 
Oh, Barry's new favourite expression is "There is nothing cheap on this boat except the Captain!!"

Sailing Info.
Sandwich, MA
Stayed at the marina at the top of the Cape Cod Canal. 
$70/day, a restaurant within easy walking distance
Museum or visitor centre for canal which was closed for the season

Vineyard Haven, MA
Tied up at mooring ball after calling harbourmaster, free because closed for the season
Wifi and washrooms at ferry dock 
Great access to groceries, fuel, bus service, showers at the YMCA. 

Atlantic City NJ
Tied up to Farley State Marina dock, out of season rates, $2/ ft, electricity extra.
Showers, laundry, $2/load, poor water pressure, 
Good access to bus to Boardwalk $2.25/ ride.  Groceries 3 mile walk or $15 cab ride. 
Could have anchored out in channel

Cape May NJ
Anchored in channel by Coast Gaurd bldg. 6m of water very good holding
2nm by dinghy to town, 30min walk for groceries.
Marinas in the vicinity