Friday, November 13, 2015

It's a small world

Yesterday we took a day off, due to a south wind which would have been on our nose, and explored the area around Gwynn Island, Virginia. We got a few provisions and on the way back to the boat an older gentleman asked us if we wanted a ride. My ankle was acting up so we thanked him very much and climbed in the truck.  We told him we were off a sailboat and he asked what kind.  We proudly answered, a Fast Passage 39. He promptly replied that he had sailed a Fast Passage 39 across the Atlantic, the Moonshine. 
Well you have to know the history behind the Fast Passage, there were about 40 built in Philbrooks Boat Yard in Sydney, BC in 1984/85 and 10 more built in the States by Tolleycraft. Moonshine was one of the first off the production line and she was sailed by Francis Stokes in one of the first single handed around the world races and she finished third in her class. It was incredible to meet a fellow who had sailed her across the Atlantic in 1996. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to chat for very long because he was off to a meeting at the local yatch club. 
We spent some time exploring up the creeks that were in the area. It is a beautiful part of the world. 
Most of the houses on the creeks have docks and at the end of the docks are lifts so that the boats can be picked up out of the water while they are not being used. 

Sailing info.
We are using the Guide to Crusing Chesapeake Bay, published by the Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Gwynn Island, VA   37*29.5 N X 76*18.4 W
We anchored in 3m of water, good holding, 360 degree protection. 
There is a place to land your dinghy with a restaurant
The bascule bridge is manned 24 hours/day, call channel 13.
There is a 7-11 within walking distance.