Saturday, December 19, 2015

Savannah, GA

Savannah is located on the Savannah River and there are no Marinas per se,  we had to tie up at either the city dock which had no bathrooms or showers or bite the bullet and pay 25 cents extra a foot and tie up at the Hyatt Regency. Well we enjoyed our time there, the workout facilities with their gorgeous showers saw much use and we lounged about tin the lobby using their Wifi quite frequently. We tied up at the dock next to the biggest, most beautiful sailboat I have ever seen. 

We are in Georgia, the land of peaches and peanuts. The Savannah we encountered is a fine old city with much of the downtown area set aside as a National Landmark. We took a walking tour of the area and our guide was a wealth of information.  The founder of the city a man named Oglethorpe laid out the city with parks every two blocks, the green spaces are beautifully kept up and the large overhanging live oaks offer a canopy of shade for the residents. 

There were stunning examples of architecture throughout the tour, enhance by the explanations the guide offered us. Savannah has an art and design college, when they started they began buying up the old building in the downtown core and allowing it's students to have a hands on learnng environment while restoration of the buildings took place, everywhere we looked we saw the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design logo.  The institution has been in large part responsible for the revitalization of the inner city. We stopped in at one of their museums and saw an incredible display of hand died, cut paper, it was amazing. 
We visited the Catholic Cathedral in town, it was beautiful with it's massive pipe organ, and unusual poinsettia Christmas tree. 

 Savannah is located on a 40 foot high bluff above the river. There are three story buildings all along the river and most have touristy shops on all three floors. Here I am on the second floor on the back side of the building, the street is still cobblestone. The old steps are about twice as long as normal so you have to take very large strides going up. 

We passed a millenary establishment and while I restrained myself from going in, I thought I might not be able to resist, I do have evidence of their beautiful creations. 

We have decided to go offshore through the rest of Georgia so at the moment are sailing along towards St. Mary's Inlet at the Georgia/Florida border. It should be about a 24 hour sail, it feels good to be away from those nasty shoaling cuts between rivers in the ICW although I may have to reacquire my sea legs.