Saturday, July 02, 2016

Finally a fish


This one is for real folks! It is 2000 hours UTC, June 27, 2016 and Barry caught a fish.  It is a 10 pound mahi mahi and we are having fresh fish for dinner,  it was day 6 of dragging a line on this trip and it finally paid off.  We are at approx. 40 degrees north and 40 degrees west, just in case you wanted to get to the spot where the fish must congregate in the North Atlantic! He pulled a Heather and dragged it until it got tired.  She perfected that technique in the Hearne Channel on Great Slave Lake with a lovely 20 pound trout when she was fourteen. 

Oh just to let you know we had a five course meal for lunch the other day. 
Course 1.    Apple juice
Course 2.    Crackers and cheese with Kalamata olives
Course 3.    Reheated tuna casserole with green beans and mushrooms
Course 4.    Daily ration of chocolate bar, 4 squares
Course 5.    Diet Coke
Anything for a bit of fun. 
We have been having lots of porpoises visiting the boat.  Before today they have been smaller and spotted. Today these beauties showed up. They must have played in the bow wave for a half an hour. We had a blast trying to get some good pics. I always said that you aren't really a sailor girl until you could paint your nails while underway!!