Saturday, July 16, 2016

Touring around Faial in the Azores.

We have been climbing every hill and mountain we have been able to get too. This first picture is of Horta from the west and the other from the east. As you can tell it is a very long bay with all the sailboats at one end and the ferry terminal at the other. 
Those are two shots of Pico mountain.  We took a ferry over a couple of days ago and climbed up.  It is the highest mountain in Portugal at 2351m. but we started climbing about halfway up the slope. It was a gorgeous day on the mountain, but down below everything was covered in clouds. It was an interesting sensation to think we were above the clouds. It looked as if you could jump on to the clouds and just laze about on them, as if they would hold you up. 

Barry scrambled to the very top. There are 47 markers and at about marker 26 I told Barry to go on alone as I was getting light headed, dizzy and nauseous.  After resting for about 10 minutes, I figured I could continue on and going at my own pace I managed to make it to the plain before the final peak which was my goal. 
It was a tough climb and I am going to treasure the certificate we got at the bottom to signify we climbed Pico mountain.  If you check out the footing you will see that there is a lot of twirly lava flow to contend with. The climb down was very treacherous because of the uncertain footing and the fact that the muscles in our legs were rebelling with overuse. It took be over 45 minutes to inch my way down the last bit and Barry missed his footing twice ending up with a very grass stained shirt and shorts the first time but was fortunately unhurt. Three days later and are legs are just starting to feel normal again. I guess if we want to do that again we will have to take long walks up hills on a regular basis!