Monday, May 29, 2017

Connecting with family and friends

We have been have no a wonderful time visiting with family and friends.  
Our first stop was with one of our buddy boats, Tagish, Brian and Dorothy have purchased a gorgeous new house in Comox, on Vancouver Island. We stayed overnight in their home and they treated  us to a five star stay⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! We have never been fed so well, everything was delicious and the accommodations were wonderful, we slept like kings. During the day we went for a walk in a local park and took this picture at a spring enraged river.  It was super to be in the land of the big trees and here the water running over the rocks on the river bank. 
We went to Barry's sister place next. We got to stay in the brand new suite they built for their bed and bale. We unexpectedly welcomed home with a sign, balloons , flowers and champagne, it was most appreciated by us, thanks so much Sherran, Bruce and Kim. The apartment is marvellous with the latest colours incorporated in the design.  The attention to detail in the furnishing and the tiling in the bathroom are superb.  When I snuggled down in the bed , I felt like a queen, the linens were new and the bed was perfect, two royal experiences in as many days. Normal life is going to be hard to take. 
We celebrated Georgie's 90 th birthday at the Merridale Cider restaurant.  The food was delicious and it was so great that alll her children and their spouses were there to enjoy her company on her special day. She was in good form and even had second's of the cake after insisting she should not have any because there was too much sugar in it. 
Last night over a wonderful meal prepared by Bruce we celebrated our circumnavigation.  The champagne was drunk and I drew a route of our trip on a globe that Bruce had bought, how thoughtful. We felt so honoured that our accomplishment was recognized and appreciated by Barry's family, thank you so much.