Monday, May 22, 2017

Hasta Luego, Golfito

We worked hard most of the week and Cat's-Paw IV is ready for her rest in the sun and rain of tropical Costa Rica. I polished her top sides and the cockpit to keep the UV rays at bay. We wiped down the inside with bleach to prevent mildew.  Barry changed the oil, topped up the diesel, put bleach in the water tanks took the outboard and the life raft down below and helped put tracer lines on the mast.  I removed all the reef lines, took the sheets off the sails and washed and dried them. We packed yesterday and then stayed in the hotel that is associated with the marina last night.  There was more room in suite than on the whole boat and there was a king sized bed, what luxury. 
We were ahead of schedule so we took a bus trip to a town on the Panama boarder.  I wanted to buy some sandals , some sport sandal s as the ones I bought just over a year ago in Florida have fallen apart.  It seems that folks down here do not wear sport sandals so my quest was in vain. This is a shot of the border crossing in Passos Canoas.  There was definitely more choice for groceries than in Golfito but I am not sure it would be worth the $24.00 bus ride.  
We leave today on the bus for San Jose where we catch a plane early on Wednesday morning.  Canada here we come!!