Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cat's-Paw IV without the boom, without the boom gallows, without sails, waiting for the new engine.
Well, we got kicked off our boat yesterday! The mechanic who is fixing the engine told us we could have access to the boat and work on while the motor was getting changed, but yesterday his father, who owns the chandlery next door, told us that we couldn't be on the boat because he didn't have insurance to cover us. I totally understand that, but you remember that aluminum bridge that the traveller is attached to that I was trying to paint.

WELL, we had just finished scraping it for the THIRD time (because I had bought and put on the wrong kind of paint) just as I was finishing putting on the primer coat that needs to be covered within 24 hours, the father comes up and politely tells us to GET THE HELL OFF THE BOAT!
Well, I was stupified, there was no way in hell I was going to scrape that thing AGAIN, and once I said something he said it was okay for us to come back and finish off whatever we had to, so we painted the blasted thing, it is now a thing of beauty, but requires a second coat, and because of the long weekend I can't get back on the boat until Tuesday. Probably by that time the tape we put on to hold down plastic bags to cover up the deck, (so I don't get paint on it) will be welded on to the deck and it will take mucho hours to get the stuff off. I HATE THAT ALUMINUM THINGY.

Sooo, we can't get access to the boat for at least another week, after this Tuesday, so Barry and I figured we would go up and visit the Queen Charlotte Islands. His sister lives there and is off on an adventure of her own, being a contract nurse in Pelly Bay, Nunavut (now known as Kugaarut). She will be there for seven weeks so her house is empty and her vehicle is there so we are going to fly to Masset in the Queen Charlotte's next Wed. and spend a week there. It should be lovely and a nice change.

We will fill our long weekend with picking blueberries at Barry's younger sister's place and tying up loose ends that can be done when we aren't near the boat. Maybe we will even get in a round of golf. Hope your August long weekend is sunny, warm and relatively bug free!!