Friday, July 29, 2005

Theres's the old one

and here's the new one.

What a beaut, and it’s even red, one of my favourite colours, it will match that lovely pair of shoes that I have. I may even have to buy a new red pair so that I can match!

Barry is tickled pink, or should I say red about this beauty compared to the ugly old one.

Well, we have access to the boat during the mechanic’s office hours so we can work on our varnishing and we get to watch the process they have to go through to get the motor out. It is quite amazing how much of the boat they have to take apart to get the old one out, and I know you can’t tell from the pictures, but the new one is about two thirds of the size of the old one. So we will possibly have much better access to engine parts that need to be changed because there will be more room in the compartment that it is supposed to go in.

For you boat people you may appreciate the next paragraph. They have had to remove all the molding from around the hatch, they have to take off the cowling that holds the top of the hatch, they have removed all the steps from the boat except the last one so in order to get in now you have to lower yourself very carefully from the deck to the bottom step to get in. (George there are five actual steps with the sixth step being the floor, so I am not sure who has more steps!!) I am learning a lot about the construction of the boat by watching what they are doing.

I am quite happy the motor is getting done, but the amount of work still to be done seems endless and just when I think that it may be still possible to leave in Sept. I discover something that we have to do. I am sure it will end at some point. The new sails are supposed to be here fairly soon, about the first week in August so hopefully they will arrive about the time the engine is done and we can GO FOR A SAIL!!

Hasta la vista.