Thursday, August 21, 2008

Atafu, Tokelau. We were the first boat to land here in 2 years.

This is looking out the pass that was blasted through the reef so that the village would easily be able to unload passengers and cargo from the vessels that transport them back and forth to Samoa. The breaks in the concrete barriers allows the tide to rush in and sometimes it was a challenge to get the dinghy through the current in the pass.

The guys from catamaran moving in.

The intrepid archaeologists starting their day!
Gail, from Fifth Season, is raring to go

Cold and wet after Day 1

Hot and tired after Day 2

Camp, in another life it is a picnic spot for the families of Atafu.

Having a well earned rest before heading back, we have changed out of our jungle boots into our getting into the boat shoes. Our pilangi, or kabluna, or whiteman's feet can't take walking on the coral like the islanders.