Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's Jen here (the middle daughter). I heard from Ann via sat phone today. They have arrived safely at their destination of Tokelau, as mentioned in their previous blog post. I didn't quiz her on it, but apparently they are staying at the island atol of Atafu, which looks to be one of the islands that makes up Tokelau (this was extrapolated from the position Ann gave of 88 32S, 172 31W and the result on Google Earth!). Ann said that when they arrived, depositing their cargo of 2 archeology students, they were invited ashore and sat in grass huts, drinking coconut juice with the village elders. Ann and Barry have been allowed to stay around Atafu for a week and help out with the dig. Apparently there is a catamaran transporting other archeologists arriving at that time, and it sounds like only so many visitors are allowed on the island at a time, which is why Ann and Barry have to leave in a week. I could be mistaken about the how's and why's, and I'm sure Ann will elaborate when next she has access to the internet, but the take home message is that the Cat's Paw IV crew will be participating in an archeological dig! Sounds like an amazing experience.

Here are a some maps to put the location in perspective (click on maps to enlarge).