Thursday, August 21, 2008

We are safe in Apia in Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa. We landed in Samoa on Monday, Barry's birthday, at an anchorage on a different island 40 miles to the west of here., we had been sailing hard on the wind for 2 and 1/2 days experiencing lightning storms and squalls as we passed through the dreaded ITCZ (inter tropical convergance zone)We stopped there because we were hard on the wind and realized we would have to spend another night at sea if we wanted to land in Apia, so we sneaked into the country and anchored. We did not go ashore and left at 0300 the next morning to beat straight upwind to Apia. The beat was worth it although we did run into a few problems on the way. (NON SAILORS CAN SKIP THIS PART AS IS VERY TECHNICAL) We were tacking into the wind and weather with a third reef in the main and the genoa up when I noticed the genoa halyard had let loose and the sail was coming down. We quickly furled it up and then put up the staysail and shook the reef out of the main. We would not have made any headway with the small main and small headsail up. We managed to get that all up and Barry suggested that we motor sail anyway as we still had a long way to go and since we were smashing into the waves the boat was not getting anywhere very fast. Now we really know the meaning of the term "gentlemen do not sail to weather"!! So we were making headway and then the dratted engine decided to through a fit and it QUIT, #%*#!%&. Barry spent an hour changing Racor filters, draining and bleeding fuel lines, checking electrical connections, swearing and generally getting thrown while inhaling diesel fumes. Then the faithful beast decided it had punished us enough and started again. CRAP I wish we knew why it stops on occaision, fortunatley we weren't in dire straights when this happened this time and the engine roared away as we powered for another 4 hours, hitting Apia harbour and hour before sunset.


We are at a marina, bliss. We have 11o power, unlimited hot and cold running water. We have neighbors whom we know and like and a whole island to explore. We may never leave!! We are catching up on the Olympics, way to go Simon Whitfield!! Hopefully we can watch the 800 meter final, we found a spot that has TV today and may just sit there all day tomorrow.

I will post pics from Tokelau tomorrow. Hope all is well with all of you.