Sunday, June 27, 2010

If you look closely you should be able to see Cat's-Paw IV in the middle of the picture.

Well good news all around, Barry got the watermaker going and we found the vegetable farm, so once again life is good. Barry is not sure what he did to the watermaker but it decided that it would work again after Barry mucked around with it (his words). I am eternally grateful that he persisted with it and we once again have ready access to fresh water. I did a little laundry yesterday as alot of my favourite clothes were getting pretty salt encrusted and they were not fun to wear anymore.
The tale of the vegetable farm is a little more interesting. Liz (off of Argonaut) and I set off about 4 in the afternoon to find the farm. We had been told not to try and get there before high tide as you had to go up a channel in mangrooves and it is non negotiable at low tide. We set off with a pretty good idea where it was. We managed to negotiate our way around several reefs, and then headed toward the end of the bay, luckily a sailboat was heading that way so we hailed them and asked if they could direct us towards the farm. Lo and behold, the farmer was on board, he had gone out on a fishing expedition and had a lovely large fish to show for it. With superb directions we motored over to the mangrove channel and found the end. The bank was extremely muddy and I almost did a faceplant into the mud as I stepped ashore. We found the farmer's wife and she took us down to the garden. There was about 3 acres of garden and she picked our vegetables as we followed her around. We left with eggplant, cucumbers, green onions, green peppers, bok choy, basil, coriander and hot peppers, all that came to $10.00 Fijian. What a deal and the cucumbers were to die for and the bok chok was excellent in the soup I made today. On the way back we were motoring into the waves and we got completely soaked. We arrived back at the boats just as the sun was setting. We were very glad that we did not have to complete the journey in the dark.
The next day Barry and I went for a 2 tank dive. It was marvelous. The first dive was called the pinacle and it was a huge vertical corral reef, it was covered with yellow and orange soft coral, really lovely. The second dive was in the cabbage patch, and featured corral that looked like cabbage leaves. It was amazing the leaves were huge. I picked out a spotted sting ray laying low on the bottom. It was great to be able to share the experience with Barry, otherwise known as Jacques!! Barry has been contemplating a new career as "DIVE MASTER".

Today we moved anchorages, Argonaut chose to continue on further north not liking the looks of where we stopped. We went ashore and had a wonderful hike up into the surrounding hills. The views were spectacular, I am so thankful that Barry's surgery went well and that we are able to tramp around together once again, YEAH!