Friday, June 25, 2010

Our buddies we have been kind of waiting for, Mike and Liz on Argonaut, finally showed up. We spent 3 days at a very safe, non rolly anchorage. We combed the beaches, had lunch ashore and checked out their reefs to see what shape the coral was in. One our buddies showed up it was time to be on the move again. Yesterday we landed at a spot that supposedly had a sunken WWII plane that you could snorkel on. We went ashore and found a path through the bush and went exploring. We got sidetracked in the bush and wandered around for about 10 minutes looking for the path. Finally we discovered it and followed it out of the bush into a big grassy field. I felt like I was in Africa, the grass was taller than our heads and I kept expecting lions to pounce of wild boar to come charging out of the grass. We did not even spot a gopher.
At the end of the path there was a lovely clearing where an older Fijian couple lived. They looked out upon the most gorgeous lagoon I have ever seen. At low tide the lagoon was mostly free of water, it was sand everywhere and there were large tree covered islands protecting the lagoon on all sides. WE had not taken our snorkel gear so today we returned and asked where the sunken plane was and were given a very good drawing on the sand of where it was located. Barry and I walked out about 300 meter before the water got deep enough to snorkel and we found the remains of the plane. It was a P39 whose pilot apparently made and error and down he went. The small brightly coloured fish had made it their home and were happily swimming in and out of the engine block. Clara, the lady of the island, had requested sugar and tea when we asked if she needed anything yesterday so today we happily gave it to her and she reciprocated by giving us what she referred to as lemons. We aren't sure what fruit they are, they are kind of shaped like a fat lemon, they vary in colour from yellow to green and the insides are orange. They are quite sour but taste kind of like a cross between a lemon and an orange. Squeezed with a little sugar and cold water they make a very refreshing drink.
When we got back to the boat today a fishing boat came up and asked if we would like to buy some lobster, and did we ever.
These lobsters were huge, bigger than I have ever seen, Barry and I each had one for dinner about three in the afternoon, and felt like royalty as we ate the lobster with butter and the strange sour fruit squeezed on them. Tomorrow we will head further north to a spot called the Blue Lagoon where there is a farmer that will sell vegetables to cruisers, we are almost out of fresh fruit and veggies and are being very careful with our precious water.