Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is shortly after we had be dumped out of the dinghy on our first beach landing in Fiji, it was a gorgeous spot.

Moonduster on the beach. The folks that hung out the laundry now have ownership of her. Not a great position for a sailboat. Wayne, the owner, did not listen to the warnings he was repeatedly given by the locals and Moonduster was uninsured and once he was on the reef he just walked away from her.

Barry salvaging parts, this picture shows how agile he is now, a year ago there was no way he could have climbed up there, cheap parts or not.

The view from the walkway from one side of the island to the other, I marveled every time I saw this view.

These are the guys who dove our chain and helped us get our anchor off the choral,Ben and Sia. Thank goodness they came to help or we may still be there!

A spider we encountered on our ramble through the bush. He was huge.