Sunday, March 13, 2011

We have just made a big decision. We are not going to head back to Vanuatu but continue on our voyage around the globe by heading to Indonesia this July. A bunch of our friends are going to be in the rally, and it just seemed right to continue onwards.
We headed into Grafton with Heather and the kids the other day to go to the circus, one of us did not check out the dates good enough and the circus was there, but a week ago. We went for a drive and ended up on the river and there was a water ski competition going on. This was a peculiarly Australian water ski competition. In Canada it would have been about the skiiers, here it is about the boats and how fast they can go. In Canada there would have been a course and tricks and bare foot skiing, etc. Here the skiers just hang on and go as fast as t hey can, bizarre!!
Barry headed off to Brisbane yesterday to let of Heather, Cassidy and Elijah. He ended up picking up a transformer for Graeme in a truly weird operation. He sat at an emergency only stopping zone on the M1 highway and the mover (who had forgotten to offload the transformer), drove by in his'' 18 wheeler and honked (this is unbelievable). Barry followed the guy for 10 K down the highway until he came to the farmer's field (which had been converted to a container yard) where the transformer was. He got the transformer and headed back. We are heading to Inverell tomorrow after stopping to pick up some car paint in Grafton to deliver the transformer and have a few days of visiting.
Barry is back at the boat and life is not quite normal but I did get a chance to upload more wedding pics on Facebook and the blog. Jennifer had a horrible time on her flight back to Canada, I am waiting for to hear how Heather made out, Bruce and my Mom had good flights as well. Justify Full