Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We just got back from Inverell, the transformer and some car paint are safely delivered. We have know returned our rental car so we are back to life on board with only the dinghy for transportation. We got to see the cars Graeme and Trish brought over from Canada. They have sold the one snazzy red mustang to Graeme's father. The 50's looking Ute is an El Camino that needs some engine work and some rust repairs on the back panels and then it being one of only about 20 in Oz should garner a fairly decent price. I love the back panels, Trish was saying paint it a baby blue with a surf board on it and put some Beach Boys playing on a stereo and instant sale!!! The other mustang still needs a lot of work and Graeme is slaving away every day in order to make it ready for sale. We helped Trish unpack a few boxes from the container and admired her paint job on it. She figures they could live in it if it was necessary, knock a few holes for window, Graeme could wire it up, but an air conditioner in it and away they go. June was back to her sunny self, smiling and laughing and leading her Mom on a merry chase. Quinn was busy playing with his newly unpacked trains. He has room in his Popa's screened in porch to make a huge track and leave it there for days.

On the way to Inverell we stopped in Ulmarra, a lovely little spot on the Clarence River. We had coffee in the hotel and the old furniture in there reminded me of the hotel in Santa Rosalia, Mexico. There were a number of small shops that were only open on the weekends, but one had a little jug that I would have bought in an instant if it had been open. Barry is looking to buy some new chain and we still need to fix the alternator, apparently the regulator may need to be replaced.