Monday, March 07, 2011

We have a new son-in-law, Trish is now officially Patricia May Martin. It was a wonderful wedding. Trish was a gorgeous bride, the ceremony was very meaningful and it was wonderful that all Graeme's and Trish's immediate family were there. The reception was lots of fun and mostly it was family getting to know other families. I felt so lucky to have all my grandchildren around me as well as my Mom and my brother and his wife, how special is that!

Isn't she beautiful!! As she walked in she had every woman hand her a flower and she arranged them as they were handed to her, At the end she had a wonderful bouquet. The weather did not co-operate as it poured with rain in the morning and then the wind kicked up and it was blowing 30 knots as she walked into an old convent which had been converted to an art gallery. It was a lovely setting. The reception was held at the bowling club, which is like a tennis or yacht club in Canada, the bowling is LAWN bowling, Barry was hoping he could throw a few games of regular bowling while the reception was on. It was a great spot, covered but outdoors and there was a playground attached where the 13 kids under 6 could play.

Everything went off without a hitch, the bride and groom were happy and all it well with the world. At the moment the bride and the groom are off to Brisbane to deal with their container which if full of half restored cars as well as all the rest of their worldly possessions. It was not supposed to arrive until a few weeks from now so instead of a care free couple of days they are dealing with customs and quarantine. Barry and I are grandparenting and enjoying almost every minute. FOUR GENERATIONS OF WOMEN AT A WEDDING!!!

The wedding guest are quietly dispersing, Mom, Bob and Barb left yesterday to continue their Australian adventure, Jen and the kids leave today to take in the sights of Sydney, Heather and her kids will be around for another week so we will spend more time around the resort in the swimming pools, the games room and the huge bouncing pillow and hopefully at the beach. I have been off the boat for over a month now and it is a great break.